Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Goodbye my t-shirts

Oh man, this is hard, this is a very tough moment. I am going to throw away 2 of my thousand t-shirts (exaggerated apparently, though i do have a lot). They are 2 of my favorites. I cannot help but choose to dump these 2 because:

1) Since i started Fly, i have been taking home a great amount of samples and products.
2) I keep buying cloths.
3) Lack of space.
4) Of course, Mommy doesn't like it.

So let's take a look at these finalists.
My beloved RMIT University t-shirt. Though the quality of Gildan is not as good as the public say. It is wider and has lost its shape after a short while. The quality is just bad.
I love the Hawks, so does this t-shirt. It represents my love for ATL. Though i really have too many t-shirts that i keep buying and stacking up in my bedroom. Mom 'warns' me to chuck away some so i have picked this one as it looks a bit worn-out and got some stains on it.

Now with the old ones gone, here comes a new member to my jersey family - 'The Ambassadors'.
As many people know that i have been a member of Ambassadors of Hong Kong Basketball Sports Ministry since 2003. Though back then i was a 'part-time' team member as i was studying in Australia. So now i am back, they have finally awarded me with this jersey that i had been waiting for the last 3 years. It's a long wait man, though it is worth it because i take it as an honor and previlege.

Peace to my performance on the court.

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