Friday, September 25, 2009

My NBA Fantasy Team

Just like last year, The Captain is playing NBA Fantasy on Yahoo! Sports with 9 of my friends.

My league, 'Dynasty', is a 'Keepers League' in which we have set to keep 7 players from last year's roster. And my keepers are:

Jason Kidd
Devin Harris
Gerald Wallace
Andrei Kirilenko
Kevin Garnett
Paul Millsap &
Marcus Camby

And this year, i have chosen the following players:

Ben Gordan
Ron Artest
Tyson Chandler
Jermaine O'Neal
Hasheem Thabeet (Rookie)
Johnny Flynn (Rookie)
Jamal Crawford
Andray Blatche
Channing Frye &
Ty Lawson (Rookie)

Same old, i have special favor towards defensive stats (look at my keepers), so i have chosen Ron Ron, Tyson Chandler and Jermaine O'Neal for steals and blocks. The reason i chose JO is because reports suggest he is working extremely hard during the offseason so i am putting my chip on him.

I have chosen BG and Jamal Crawford because of their scoring ability since my roster is lacking points and a bit too defensive stats-oriented.

Rookies? I like this class and i really like Ty Lawson and Flynn. They are both lightening quick and i am hoping they can give me some surprise. Nonetheless, good to keep them for next season. Hope the investment pays off.

I am satisfied with my picks and i love my team! Let's see what i could do with them!

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