Monday, August 30, 2010

Official Partner - Freedom Basketball Club

Boys and girls . please welcome 'Freedom Basketball Club' to join the alliance of Fly Family!

'Passion creates freedom' that's what FBC believes and it proudly transcends this concept to its ballers. With that in mind, FBC's players play with tremendous passion on the court and has become infectious, expanded to 3 teams under its umbrella.

Official Partner - DJ Shook

We have just added this Dj onto our partners list!
DJ Shook aka 'Hao Phu' from BurnCity emphasises 'Hip Hop is a lifestyle not a style'. This up-and-coming DJ in Melbourne is not simply spinning and mixtaping, he is trying to change the landscape of hip hop in Australia and move it onto the next level. Shook is surely a one-of-a-kind DJ that we all have to look out to.

Check out his blog:
Download his mixtape:

Much love and peace.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Li-Ning VS Anta VS Peak

I am entirely, proudly and thankfully amazed by how successful the Chinese sports brands are doing in the world! Li-Ning, Peak and Anta have altogether emerged as the representatives of China as well as producers of products with excellent quality.

Last October, i wrote a little piece on a comparison between 4 major Chinese sports brands, (click here to check out that post) and i had written some 'future wishes', let's see if my wishes had come true.


World-famous endorsors: Shaq O'Neal, Baron Davis, Jose Calderon, Even Turner (newly inked, 4th pick of 2010 Draft)Future: Li-Ning will continue to grow as one of the top sports brands in the world. Better yet, still no match to Nike and Adidas. But eyes on Li-Ning? Every pair.

I was wrong. I was wrong for saying,'no match to Nike and Adidas'. Li-Ning is one of the top 3 shoes manufacturers now, only below the aforementioned big names. Li-Ning continues its global presence. It has adopted the right global marketing strategies, recently invited Baron Davis to coach a youth camp and improve on the design of its kicks.This signature shoes of Jose Calderon have received high praises over the net and the outlook is so much better than the previous models.


World-famous endorsors: Jason Kidd, Ron Artest, Kevin Love, Jason Richardson (now has 12 NBA players on its sponsorship roster!)

Future: My personal opinion is to focus on expanding its NBA signings. Peak currently has 7 NBA endorers, which make up to be 'the most NBA players' Chinese sponsor. I don't think Peak can expand other lines of products, focusing on Chinese market, NBA players endorsement and the U.S. would be a wise business decision.Did Peak read my previous blog post? No, surely they did not but i was right this time. They keep inking deals with NBA players and increase its exposure in U.S. Besides, Peak has wisely put a lot of effort in marketing and advertising with their endorsees and thus drawing consumers' attention.Both of these signature shoes of Ron Artest and Jason Richardson, respectively, have received high praises on the net. I think function-wise you can always keep up with other brands (except of course, the innovation of Flywire of Nike's) but what Chinese brands need to focus on is the design, in which Peak has done a great job!


World-famous endorsors: Luis Scola, Jelena Jankovic (World-famous tennis player), Kevin Garnett

Future: Future is looking good for Anta. What i would suggest is do not look for sponsorship of national teams like how Li-Ning and Peak do. Do what you do, establish the company image as a style, functions and design focused brand. Differentiate yourself Anta!Yes, Anta has landed in the U.S.! With the shockingly surprised signing of NBA superstar Kevin Garnett, Anta has gracefully erected its own flag on the world map!Look at Anta's official website now, it is very user-friendly and thoughtfully designed. My assumption is that Anta is targeting at the young generation and therefore using colorful pictures to grab their attention instead of making the youngsters read. Speaking of Anta's target market, you can also check out this fantastic 'Fashion Stars' showroom, pretty nice to expand within Chinese market. The only problem, still, the designs of its products.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dark Days of HK

May peace be with Hong Kong and their families.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Salvation Army THTC 55th Anniversary Polo Shirts

Fly's loyal partner - Tai Hang Tung Corps of The Salvation Army, Hong Kong is celebrating her 55th anniversary! Here goes some of the photos of this special event!

One big family!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

2010 Collection

Fly's very own 'Flash' quietly celebrates our 1st Anniversary.
'Attitude' t-shirt. Color: Grey. 100% cotton with very simple design. Is 'Keep it simple' your attitude?
'Attitude' pique polo. Color: Black/White/Pink. Nothing fancy on the polo apart from a plain Fly logo on the neck. Like a little reminder of Fly's attitude - 'Be passionate in whatever you do!'
'Attitude' pique polo. Off to work or after work drinks? Fantastic choice for you!
'一周年紀念版't-shirt: HKD$120 / AUD$25 (Postage not included)

'Attitude' pique polo: HKD$150 / AUD$30 (Postage not included)

'Attitude' t-shirt: HKD$120 / AUD$25 (Postage not included)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan directs an international cast in “Inception,” an original sci-fi actioner that travels around the globe and into the intimate and infinite world of dreams.

Above is a brief introduction of the 'Inception' before it came out. But i can tell you it is so much more than that after watching it yourself!

I don't really read the 'movie comments' before watching films, though 'movies' is surely a hot topic to talk about with my friends. Some said it was too unrealistic and not as good as discussed. Some said it was fantastically filmed and deep. I say 'Inception' is deep yet as close to you as your daily habits. Who does not have dreams?Even the original idea of it is already fascinating: you can control your own dreams, be whatever you are, do whatever you want yet there are still some uncontrollables - subconsciousness. Very logical. Your background and things around you shape your subconsciousness, so you do something or make certain decisions without even knowing it.

No one had ever come up with this idea to make a film based on our brain functions. Then we learn that the loved one can share the same dream and live the dream! Now that's reality! Sometimes we don't even know whether we are dreaming or still living in the real world. Or honestly, we don't want to live in this polluted world?

Then we learn that we have to let go of the bad memories, even the deepest ones, the most cherished ones if they are harmful.

Apart from the meaning behind the film, the film-making is just unbelievable! When the city flips unsidedown? The against-gravity part? Damn this is such an awesome eyeball enjoyment and even the director of X-Men says that he has to re-produce X-Men after watching 'Inception'. Simply amazing. I just love it so much that it has become one of my top 10 movies!

My list of 'Top 10 movies of all time' Check it (not in particular order):

1) Gladiator (帝國驕雄)

2) Gattaca

3) The Classic - Korea (假如愛有天意 - 韓片)

4) Cast Away (劫後重生)

5) The Terminal (機場客運站)

6) Young and Dangerous Series - HK (古惑仔系列 - 港產片)

7) Inception

8) The Last King of Scotland (最後一位蘇格蘭王)

9) Blood Diamond (血鑽)

10) Click (命運自選台)

What about your Top 10? Let us know in the comment section below!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hong Kong Series 2 - 852 Represent (Official)

852 RepresentAvailable in XS/S/M/L/XL/XXL

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To celebrate Fly's 1st anniversary:

HKD$120 only
AUD$25 (Postage not included)

Saturday, August 7, 2010



為了印證Fly成立一周年及有見幾位香港朋友提議建立中文網誌, Fly特意在Yahoo! HK開立了一個專為香港朋友而設的Blog!

如果您擁有Yahoo!帳戶或Yahoo!網誌, 非常歡迎您去到Fly的網誌, 加為BLOG友或訂閱我的網誌! 亦可留言多作交流!

Lok C.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Interview with 'THE ASH'

Fly Clothing & Sportswear有幸邀請到香港少數賣Hip-Hop服裝店 - 'The Ash'的主腦 Michael接受我們做一個有關本地Hip-Hop文化的訪問!

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MC: 係香港其實無乜可能! 留意一定會留意. 但始終係係香港, 好難所有野都係好Hip-Hop. 所以之前去到美國就好開心啦! 第一次去New York, 成身著Hip-Hop, 反而諗會唔會比人射架? 不過都無事! (笑)
MC: ODB, B.I.G., Trey Songz, T-Pain同埋R. Kelly! R. Kelly係我既Top No. 1! 一句講晒 - 'King of R&B'! 80年代到而家只有佢一個係乜野形式都可以唱到! 佢所有碟我都有齊!
Fly: 你最鍾意既歌?
MC: R.Kelly - 'Buy You a Drank' feat. T-Pain.
MC: Nas! 太強啦! 佢D歌既歌詞好到位! 又夠串, 好Gangster!
MC: Trey Songz. 係2009年佢仲未搵到自己既Style. 2010年佢建立到自己既風格, 有D似R. Kelly, 加上把聲較以前成熟. 推介佢既Album - 'Ready'!
Fly: 而家你最睇好既RAPPERS/MC?
MC: Nicki Minaj. 本年度最受歡迎Hip-Hop女歌手. 好正!

有D人話'Hip-Hop is dead!', 有D人話'香港無Hip-Hop!' 諗真D, 其實講呢D野既人, 係咪真係認識Hip-Hop? 或者有無試過參與呢種文化? 我對此存有懷疑. 點都好, 香港需要多D好似MC既人 - 'You don't dress like Hip-Hop, you live like Hip-Hop!'
成個訪問過程中, MC流露出黎既自信, 個份自然, 令我覺得佢有少少可以做Hip-Hop既代言人! 佢對Hip-Hop同R&B好有認識, 令到成個訪問更加流暢, 亦都令我更加投入!
多謝MC, 因為Hip-Hop is alive!

想與Michael聯絡或者想買Hip-Hop衫褲? 可以電郵到呢個EMAIL: 或者去旺角瓊華中心頂樓!