Friday, September 18, 2009

A Letter to God

Dear my Lord,

It's me, Lok. I am not going to ask you typical, usual questions like 'How are you today?' nor even dare to say 'What's up?'. Instead, i am going to ask you what's wrong with me or did i do something that is not good in Your eyes?

I know You know what i am talking about. Don't get me wrong, my Lord, i am not writing to challenge you whatsoever. I am humbled by you. I am a son of Yours. But with what have been happening around me, all these events seem like You have turned Your back on me.

All these unfavorable incidents are pretty much touching all aspects of my life. My love relationship, my brotherhood, my ball club, my career, my business, my health, my future and my family. So what's going on here? I feel like i am so agile, i am so vulnerable that any event could break me down now.

God, why?

I know a lot of people, thousands of people ask the stupid question 'Why me?' I am not putting myself on the bandwagon of stupidity. But what are the reasons and intentions and purposes for You, my dear God, to create these incidents for a tiny me? You are not making one incident happen but you are making everything happen all at once!

I am soft? I thought i was soft.

But now i thank You. I thank God for giving these tests. Thank you for testing my endurance, durability, tendency and patience. I praise You for all these. I know and believe that You want to toughen me up, You want to make me stronger, You want to build my mind up, You want to prepare me well and You want to equip me well.

Why all these happening at the same time? I believe i have passed the previous tests that the incidents all happened one at a time and now i am ready for a bigger challenge and You want to prepare me for tougher tests in the future.

Life is tough sometimes, that's why we treasure the good ones. This is what i have realised for a long time. One option down, you look for another. This is what i have just realised. Today, i have lost a large amount of money, that's ok, seek for other options, work harder and sell more and will surely gain it back.

If i could not go through these hurdles, how could i take down the taller ones in the future?

Thank you God, i praise you faithfully for that. I am blessed, i am soulful.

May Your force, strength and wisdom be with me at all times as always. I pray with faith in Your name.


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