Friday, December 31, 2010

Big Shoutouts 2010

Happy New Year everyone!

Time flies so quick that lots of things happened but i only feel like these things happened few days ago! As for Fly, what a fruitful and dramatic year for us! Released our 1st women's dress, adopted the new micro breathable mesh, faced a potential lawsuit, rejected a $100,000 deal, etc. Without the love and support from you guys, Fly and i would not have had such a great year that was full of joy, experiences and pride.

Stepping into the 2nd year of Fly, i would like to make some special thanks to:

- Kayee
- GC
- Fly Squad
- Harden, IT Manager of Fly
- Zack @ HKIEC
- Ivanhoe @ HKIEC
- Stephen Lo @ THTC
- LYC Girls
- Rio Ku @ Elite
- Ka Ho @ BSM
- Ah Yiu @ BSM
- ChinaChem Group
- Tiffany 'Sugacane' Cheng
- Yuk 'Flash' Cheng
- Roy 'Helicopter' Lai
- Chris @ Referee Service
- Philip @ RMIT HK Alumni Association
- Sally @ SABHCC
- Keith @ SABHCC
- Marcus 'M-Town Finest' Morrison
- DJ Shook
- Missy Kavi
- Loyal supporters: Polly, Zoe, Judy, Denise, etc.

Thanks also go to all the doubters and haters. Your doubts and hatreds made me stronger and tougher, Fly is only going to be better and flier in 2011!

Much love and stay fly,


Thursday, December 30, 2010

MEDUSA Hoodies

Fly manufactured hoodies of Medical Students Society of Deakin University, Australia
As much as we see the importance of this project, Fly has used 'YKK' zippers on these hoodies.
The MEDUSA hoodies is made of the best quality of materials Fly has ever produced!

Society graphics that change on a yearly basis.
MEDUSA official logo

100% cotton, 450g


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

RMIT HK Alumni Association - Polo Shirts

Fly Clothing & Sportswear is highly honored to have received this golden opportunity to design these polo shirts for the HK Alumni Association of RMIT University.

When given this project, the design team of Fly came up with the idea that this polo shirt should become a casual wear, which the fellow alumni would be proud to put on in style.

Theme: black/white/red (colors of RMIT)

Special thanks to Philip Ng - the President of RMIT HK Alumni Association, for making this happen!

The RMIT HK Alumni Association has chosen 'Design 1' as what the alumni will be wearing to represent their alma mater.

This cotton pique polo shirt will be produced 2 main colors, black and white (as you can see in the picture) for your preference.

Pre-order date: TBC
Release date: March, 2011

To order, you can either get in contact with Philip (The President of RMIT HK Alumni Association), join the official Alumni group ( or drop your order here.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

'Vogue' one-piece

'ButterFly' V. 3
'Vogue' dress
Fly's very own Tiffany 'Sugacane' Cheng shows you the style of 'Vogue'
'Vogue' one-piece: $380
High heels: model's own100% Cotton

'Sugacane's suggestions of styles:
Dark-colored high heels
Leggings with heels OR
No socks with sneakers

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

'Stunner' Tracksuits

'Stunner' Tracksuits detailed look!

A Combination of Attitude & Lifestyle

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

'ButterFly' 2nd Collection - Curvy, Stunner & Hunter

Alright, alright, complain no more ladies!
Fly Clothing is finally releasing its 2nd female collection (ButterFly)!'Curvy' t-shirt - $139

'Stunner' black tracksuit - $280/set

Fly's very own - Tiffany 'Sugacane' Cheng flashes a pose in 'Curvy' t-shirt and 'Stunner' tracksuit.'Stunner' grey tracksuit - $280/set

What's better to match 'Stunner' tracksuit with this multi-functional bag?
'Hunter' bag, Sea blue/brown - $250

On the side, hand-carry, whichever style you wantTo order:

Fly Clothing
A Combination of Attitude & Lifestyle