Friday, October 2, 2009

Compare Your Love for Basketball with ME!

It was kind of a short day for me yet excited and long-awaited. I have been injured for 1 and a half months. We had a game few hours ago, in which that was my 2nd game back since my injury. I was so excited and really looking forward to that game.

But we lost. We got severely crushed. They won by a large margin. Damn.

We, the management team of my ball club - KSBC, just finished another meeting 2 hours ago. The conversations between our team members just fucking pissed me off so bad. I guess it is not the conversation, it is the way they think that pisses me off.

I have a motto myself that is quite widely known by my friends and i always try to pass it on to my students whenever i coach. 'Never think of losing going to a game'. Never. Regardless of who the opponents are. Never.

Though my teammates were like,'No way we are gonna win this game', 'I am pretty sure we would lose'. Man, what kind of attitude is that? So it is our 'destiny' to lose because we are facing certain players or teams? Fuck no.

You know how hard i played the game that i truly love? No matter how much we were down by, i kept driving, i kept my head up, i kept encouraging my boys. But who cared? I guess nobody. I have even injured my shoulder during the game, pretty bad i think. So all my injuries and sweat are wasted? I was playing at my fullest of my limited capability (again i am injured still) and you did not play with your heart and just did not give a fuck because our fate's name was 'LOSE'?

Pessimistic thoughts not only have big impact on your teammates but also surround the whole ball club with a frustrating atmosphere. It do nobody no good.

When i saw my boys on the court were giving up, when i saw their eyes look terribly frustrated, i was so disappointed. Very very much so.

How could you ignore the hard work that i have put in for the last 10 years? How dare did you give up on me? Did not wanna play? Get off the court man, no one needs you here.

I was so determined to get back in shape after the injury but then i am injured again. So this ain't my love and passion for the game? So tell me who could compare their love and passion for basketball to me?

'Disappointed' is the only word that could be used to describe my feeling now.

Sorry but fuck my team.

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  1. I really enjoy reading your blog and it gives me the feeling that there is someone still cares about "EFFORT" rather than win/lose.

    Your feelings reminds me about the 2008 NBA finals where Boston Celtics was down by 24 points in the first quarter and was back up and won the critical Game 4 in Lakers Staples Centre.

    However, it is just so different for players in HK than in the NBA. The NBA players have basic skills and the physical fitness. The HK player only have a mouth - they put the blame on others and never look at themselves.

    Some of them even will say things such as, "Hey Captain, you know my job is different from yours, you are lucky ..... but I need to work 9 till 10pm"

    The players in HK is doomed to fail not because they lack the passion but they lack the determination and they submit to fate.

    This is one of the reason I do not enjoy at all coaching adult teams. They are uncoachable.

    The only possiblity that I can coach them is I am their boss but even if I am their boss I will feel that they don't deserve their salary.

    I guess if you keep play basketball in HK you better accept these cold truth.

    But you can still be different and have your own originality. The leaders are always a loner and have to say, "Why care the fucking crowd? I will do it my way!"


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