Thursday, September 30, 2010

[Official Website]

Ladies and gentlemen, the official website of Fly Clothing & Sportswear is now here! Our new ground breaking website will keep you up to speed on our freshest releases and be among the very first to check out our products! Please go to:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

'Majesty' Basketball Shorts

A proud moment of Fly Clothing & Sportswear - the grand release of 'Majesty' basketball shorts!

Modelled by Roy aka 'Helicopter' who seriously jumps like one!

When you play, there is only one thing on your mind - win the game and stay.

Night in and night out, you train so hard and sweat so much. All you need is a pair of comfortable shorts.

Hit the winning shot,
call 'Next',
stay put,
Majesty earned.
Dominate the court with these Royal Blue/White, 100% 'Micro Breathable Mesh'!

Fly. A Combination of Attitude & Lifestyle.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Painting on 'White Shoes'

For the last 3 weeks, i had been practising and playing soccer tournament. It was the first time i played in a proper soccer match in like 12 years! Anyway, i do not have a pair of soccer shoes to play in so i bought a pair of plain white shoes and started painting on them! What do you think?

Fly's 1st sneaker?

Gimme some comments!

Basketball Uniforms (Collaborations)

NOC Department basketball team of Hong Kong Broadband Network chose Fly as their apparel producer.
IT Department basketball team of Hong Kong Broadband Network plays in the 'Passion' series to showcase their skills on the court.
Thank you for choosing Fly!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Collab with CBL Amateur League

CBL vigorously drives and develops basketball movement in Hong Kong. It aims to provide complete and professional amateur basketball leagues for people in Hong Kong and hence become one of the most popular amateur leagues for basketball lovers.

For more information, go to CBL's official site:
NOD32 SMART SECURITY is the official sponsor of CBL.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Basketball Uniforms

When you need to get basketball uniforms done for your team, you come to Fly.
6 designs for you to choose from.100% lightweight breathable mesh! Highly breathable, supremely comfortable!
We dub it,'custom build for the basketball community'.
Change of color and customization are also available! Contact us now!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Collaboration with SBL

It's Official!

One of Hong Kong's biggest basketball leagues - SBL, has officially become Fly Clothing & Sportswear's proud partner!

The grand collaboration is formed largely due to the mutual respect between the founders, Tony Chan & Lok Chung of both parties!

About SBL

SBL was founded in 2005, aimed to raise the self-esteem of basketball players and promote public health through organizing amature basketball competitions.

Not only do SBL organize their own amature leagues for the public, they have also helped organize basketball leagues and tournaments for and with various corporates and organizations in HK. With their professionalism and passion, SBL have successfully enjoyed their collaborations all over Hong Kong for the last 5 years!

Click on the following link to check out their website for a team entry or to join a team! SBL