Tuesday, November 24, 2009

An Interview with the founder and designer of Global Gambit

At Fly, we always emphasize that we are inspired by the Hip-Hop culture. We always actively look out to collaborate with different groups and people that share with us the same passion, vision and mission.

And 'Global Gambit', Melbourne, Australia's up-and-coming Hip-Hop/breakdance group has proudly become part of our Fly Family. Its dedication and devotion to Hip-Hop is undeniable. More importantly, 'GG's courage and vision to bring out b-boys and b-girls in Australia is what we truly admire.I had this precious opportunity to have a Facebook interview with the proud founder and graphic designer of Global Gambit's very own - Steph 'Princess Pop' Leung.

LC: Lok Chung SL: Steph Leung

LC: First off, let me thank you for taking some time off for this interview Steph. Tell us something about yourself?

SL: No problem. Ok, something about myself. I'm a multimedia designer, and a lot of my inspiration comes from my other interests.

LC: Tell us about it.

SL: Well, breaking is like moving art. I'm quite inpired by hip-hop and the 4 elements.

LC: Which 4 elements?

SL: Breaking, djing, mcing and graffiti. I actually was just floating through life without much interest in anything but art, until i started bgirling.

LC: Right. You are well-known as a multimedia designer, people did not know you as a breakdancer. When did you start breakdancing?

SL: I started at the end of 2001.

LC: What's your favorable move? Or do you have a specialty in breakdancing?

SL: I love watching all of it, but i enjoy footwork and style. I don't have any specialties. As long as you're dancing, it's all good!

LC: That's good that you enjoy every second of it. So what's your favorite dance crew?

SL: I don't actually have one! Everyone loves rocksteady crew though.

LC: Do you have your own dance crew?

SL: I'm not part of a crew at the moment, sadly.

LC: How come? Because you are injured or?

SL: Honestly, i haven't been performing or competing much in the last couple of years. It's easy to get caught up in other things, but i always try and get back to it. And yes, i did have some injuries.

LC: Yeh, i understand. Let's get back to your creative side. What's your 'best move' when it comes to designing?

SL: I love coming up with sharp designs. I love creating logos for companies, because that can often be the start of a visual identity.
'Dance United' Logo designed by Steph

LC: Visual identity. So how do you reach out to get customers?

SL: So far word of mouth is the best way for me to get more work. Hopefully, i won't be working freelance forever though, as it can be a difficult way to live - going from paycheck to paycheck. it would probably be a nice change to have some job security. But at the same time, i have to recognise that i'm not happy in a 9-5 situation.
One of Steph's sharp designs

LC: Me neither. So what do you do in your spare time? Or just go out and get inspired wherever you are?

SL: I'm actually a bit of a geek. I spend an embarrassing amount of time playing video games. I love watching movies and I read a lot as well. And the beach is my favourite place to be.

LC: Okay. What was your last movie did you see and what book are you currently reading?

SL: I'm currently working my way through all the classics, so I just finished the 'Odyssey'. The last movie I saw was the 'Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus'.

LC: Did you get any specific inspirations from them?

SL: Well, i found 'The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus' quite whimsical. I wonder what Salvador Dali would have thought of it! It was a liitle bit different. And the Odyssey was nothing like i thought it was going to be. It was like an eating tour of Greece.

LC: Haha. Tell us how 'Global Gambit' was founded.

SL: Well, my partner - SR actually came up with it. He had a fairly solid concept of what he wanted to do. I initially only got involved to help out with the visual and graphics side of the business, but i felt he was trying to do some interesting things, so I wanted more involvement.
Global Gambit sponsored workshop, along with Fly's proud partner Melbourne Music Academy.

LC: Can you tell us a little more about 'Global Gambit'?

SL: Sure. We're a brand new company, and we cater to all things hip hop. Recently, Tony Tran and Mike Song from Kaba Modern Crew came to Melbourne and Sydney and taught workshops. Global Gambit was a sponsor. We also want to help publicise Australian hip hop and bboys/bgirls more.

LC: That's huge. As 'GG' is a new company, where did you get the money from?

SL: For the time being, it's all funded by myself and SR, but we are looking into sponsorship. So any companies who are interested in giving their support should contact one of us!

LC: Speaking of all things hip hop, are you all things hip hop too?

SL: Well, 2 of the activities that take most of my passion and energy would be bgirling and art & design. And i do love graffiti.

LC: Do you have any name to go by?

SL: Well, my bgirl name is 'Pop' AKA 'Princess Pop'; and my online alias is 'dammit888'.

LC: Okay Princess Pop, name 3 of your top rappers of all time.

SL: Ooooh, this is a tough one, haha. Lupe Fiasco, Common and Notorious B.I.G. Phew ... that's a tough call.
'3D Piano' One of Steph's brilliant artworks.

LC: Sure it is. Favorable song or best beat?

SL: Best beat - Souls of Mischief '99 til infinity. I can't stay still when that song plays.

LC: Looking at all your interests, you are most likely in the shoe game as well right?

SL: Yes, shoes are indeed an obssession. (ad: couldn't agree more!)

LC: Shoe that got you hooked?

SL: A pair of limited edition matte gold hightop Airforce ones.

LC: Favorite pair you don’t own.

SL: Any men's Jordan's. I can't wear them because my feet aren't big enough! So i just covet them.

LC: Respect for showing love to Jordan's because i have got a lot of pairs. Fill in the blank question: 'If I wasn’t a, I would probably be a'?

SL: lol. If i wasn't a designer, I would be a bum.

LC: 'Family is, Hip-Hop is, and bgirl is'?

SL: Family is important, Hip-hop is essential and made me feel like i was part of something, and bgirling is love!

LC: 'I went to ____, tried to find ____ but couldn't find it. To my surprise that i found _____ and this is better than what i wanted to find'.

SL: I went to a party, tried to find a drink, but couldn't find it. To my suprise that i found a friend, and this is better than what i wanted to find. Haha that turned out profound!

LC: Anything else you want to tell our readers?

SL: Yeah, hope you enjoyed my interview! Shout out to SR! Please feel free to join our group for Global Gambit, and keep your ears to the ground! http://www.facebook.com/pages/GLOBAL-GAMBIT/136434357336

LC: Yeh, really did. Thanks for the interview Princess Pop!

SL: No worries, was a pleasure :D

I have never met Steph in person. I got to know her through my brother from another mother SR aka 'Big Fish', as the co-founder of the inspiring 'Global Gambit'. At first, i thought Steph was just a graphic designer that SR was hiring or getting some help from. But then i asked SR and when he told me that Steph is part of the gang, i was, honestly, a little surprised.

Whether 'GG' was a concept or a tangible, i knew what SR was doing. He knew what he was doing and he clearly had a vision - to take over the existing scene. But taking a girl, who i have never met, on board? With all due respect, i had some doubts in my mind.

Until SR talked to me about the concept of 'GG' and came up with a collaboration with Fly, Steph stepped right in with her fabulous designs that truly surprised me.
I do know some multimedia designers but a designer with mad love towards Hip-Hop and breakdance probably is a rare combination. So i had decided to do an interview with her.

Getting to know more about Steph before and during the interview, i could really feel her love and passion for what she does. When your job is what you love and enjoy, you can surely bring out some masterpieces. As much as i love Global Gambit and SR, i am 100% sure Steph will make 'GG' a masterpiece not only to my eyes but everyone who loves Hip-Hop.
Steph's business card. How sensational is it?

To know more about Steph 'Princess Pop' Leung, click on her name.
To know more about Global Gamit, click on its name.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Have a Little Faith

I have finally finished another book written by Mitch Albom, this time in 20 days. I only got to read 'Have a Little Faith' bit by bit during train rides, toilet times and sometimes before i went to bed. So to finish a book in 20 days is actually pretty fast for me. It surely shows you how much i found myself digging into this book.

What have i learnt?
The intelligent conversations between the author and the Reb really got me thinking, 'damn, Reb's answers are so wise.' Yet, he was still a true servant and modest Man of God. Meanwhile, Pastor Henry's past taught me faith can lead you to anywhere and beyond belief.

I also got to know a little more about Jewish's customs and culture, which i had always interested in.

After reading this book, i felt like it was a slap in my face. How much faith do i have in God? Do i behave as a Christian? Do i have the courage to forgive anyone who have ever done anything that hurt me? Do i have a big enough heart to accept everything? How much can i sacrifice myself to help others?


Looking at Red and Pastor Henry, i am nothing. I have no right to do so. This book, i believe, as a reminder of God, truly humbled me.

100% worthy!
Mitch Albom is so good at writing people and relationship. That's why all readers in the world can fittingly relate ourselves to the characters in his books. Relationship is part of our lives and it is simply what we have since the day we were born. However, unfortunately, we always take it for granted and do not cherish and prolong our relationships as good as we should have needed to.

'Have a Little Faith' - a true story is a must-read book for all particularly Christians, Jewish, people with broken hearts, people with lost relationships and people who have low confidence and self-esteem. I could not get my hands off this book and once i started reading, the story just got me hooked onto it! Go get a copy!

'Whatever you have done and become, nothing comes before God.'
'Forgiveness is a beauty'.

Below is a video of Mitch Albom the author being interviewed by Katie Couric of CBS News. Take a look and get to know how he sees the book himself.

Watch CBS News Videos Online
Abstract from CBS News Videos Online

Friday, November 20, 2009

God's Fans Music Concert T-Shirt

久違了的'God's Fans'音樂會Band衫

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Letter to THT teammates

Dear all THT team members,

First off, let me apologize to you all for not actively responding to the emails in these few weeks.

It has been awhile since last time i saw all of you, whether at church or at games. I have been injured since August. Shoulder injury during a game after a bad cut on my right feet. That was no surprise to you all that the last 4 months had been some of the toughest times of my life since i could not even dribble the ball as it would ache my shoulder. However, it allowed me to think thoroughly about my next moves in terms of basketball.

As you all know that i have my own ball club and play for Basketball Sports Ministry. A couple of weeks ago we had a short gospel trip to visit a factory in Dongguan. Apparently i could not play. It was tough. Though i was able help out on sharing and reffing and other stuff. During the trip, i thought to myself that if i was going to play on the court without showing my passion to the game, that is pretty much impossible. In which, i cannot hold myself in and people would mistake me and a good image of Christian cannot be held.

That said, i began to consider quitting participation in church basketball league.

Thereafter, i was blessed enough to attend Sunday Services at different corps. That strongly contributed to my decision-making. Because, to be honest, no basketball corps nor teams of Salvation Army of Hong Kong can claim themselves as 'ministry'. Tai Hang Tung in particular. How could a corps possibly preach when the players don't even know each other? THT team has different roster every single week and this is somewhat against my will in playing for a church basketball team.

This is a tough decision to make as you all already know that how passinate i am to basketball. Though i believe with one man gone will open up space for another. I just think that we are heading into different directions and that is not what i wanted.

Sorry, if i have offended any of you. But i truly enjoyed playing with you all last season, it was real fun and enjoyable.

Enjoy the season with God's love and great job Kevin!

With brotherly love,


Monday, November 16, 2009

NBA Summary

After watching Brandon Jennings scored 55 points in a single game as a rookie, it stimulates me to blog again about what's going on in NBA.

Chauncey Billups is still looking great on court, looks like he can play until 40 ...
'Melo who?' No one is gonna ask this question anymore, he is making a statement this season ...
VC still got hops! Helping the Magic earn more respect in the East ...
Monta Ellis is a beast, score with ease! ...
Lakers have lost 2 games in a row, they should take notice ...
Channing Frye is hitting lots of 3's like dropping rains ...
Speaking of the Suns, Amare shows you what an 'athletic power foward' means and does Steve Nash look like 33? He is the MVP to me thus far ...
Can i say Shawn Marion is blending in well in Dallas? ...
Tell me who can't play with JKidd by the way ...
Okay Dirk has leadership skills and Jason 'The Jet' Terry is going to earn another 6th Man award trophy ...
Ariza has become the go-to guy of Rockets, um, he is not a star material yet he can post up 20-5-5 along with 2 steals nightly ...
Welcome back Arroyo!
Thunder is heading in the right direction, except for their uniforms ...
Can Andray Blatche spend more time in the paint instead of dribbling the ball? ...
DRose is not as beast as he was last season, kind of expected though ...
The guards of Pistons are the smallest in the league yet killing all the guards of other teams off the dribble ...
Earl Watson is doing a pretty adequate job guiding the young Pacers ...
Sheed? Does he even step close to the paint? ...
I have said it before that David West and Emeka Okafor can't really coexist. And now CP3 is injured, Byron Scott is gone, what else have they got left?
My team Hawks are doing great, thanks to Jamal for coming off the bench and shoot like crazy ...
My another team Wizards are not so good but Jamison is returning soon! ...
QRich reborn? Who can stop DWade now? I could think of one - Jordan Brand! ...
Shaq & LeBron connection isn't working as anticipated?

Damn i love the draft class this year, the standouts: Dejuan Blair, James Harden, Brandon Jennings, Stephen Curry, Tyreke Evans, Taj Gibson, James Johnson, Terrence Williams, Ty Lawson, Jonny Flynn

Thursday, November 12, 2009

More Than A Pair of Shoes: Marcus Jordan VS Adidas

More Than A Pair of Shoes: Marcus Jordan VS Adidas
Posted by Matt Halfhill Nov 9, 2009

Twenty-five years ago a young Michael Jordan was at the center court of controversy following his first games in the NBA. NBA commissioner David Stern “banned” Jordan’s sneakers because they were a “uniform violation” because they didn’t match the shoes worn by the rest of the Chicago Bulls. A quarter century later, Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus Jordan, is at the center of controversy over a similar “uniform violation” in regards to his Air Jordan shoes. While Michael’s shoes caused problems because they were the wrong color, Marcus’ Air Jordans are the wrong brand.

It should be no surprise that Marcus Jordan chooses to wear Air Jordan shoes on court. The shoes hold sentimental value to Marcus, as he grew up watching his father play in Air Jordans. Besides the obvious family connection, Marcus wore Air Jordans en route to winning a State Championship in high school, and probably has more pairs of Air Jordans than executives at Jordan Brand - a subsidiary of Nike formed in 1996.

While being recruited by the University of Central Florida, a school with an exclusive Adidas contract for its athletics department, Marcus was promised by UCF coaches that a regional Adidas representative granted special permission for Marcus to wear the shoes In fact , he didn’t sign his letter of intent to play at the University until it was clear there would be no issue in lacing up Jordan-branded sneakers.

Things changed however last week, when Marcus Jordan capped off his all-adidas uniform with a pair of white Air Jordan 12′—the sneakers his father wore when winning his fifth NBA Championship. Even before the final buzzer of the exhibition game, Adidas released a statement that UCF failed to honor its contract and the company would end its relationship with UCF leaving a negotiated six year, $3 Million contract extension out of the question.

Was it necessary for Adidas to terminate its endorsement of an entire program because one athlete playing in Air Jordans? The answer isn’t clear cut in the slightest, and Marcus’ decision to wear his father’s shoes has not come without some negative reaction. On message boards and forums some have criticized Marcus for costing his school millions of dollars and other student athletes the access to apparel, equipment, and footwear. Even through the social media outlet Twitter, Marcus has received negative messages including one who sarcastically stated “What a team player you are…All to wear daddy’s shoes. Pathetic”.

From the other angle, Marcus only agreed to play at UCF after he was promised by UCF coaches that a regional Adidas representative granted permission for him to wear the shoes. Could Adidas have handled the miscommunication between regional representatives and higher ranking officials internally without dropping an entire collegiate athletic program?

In the world of mass media and social networks has Adidas considered the attention that would be generated from its decisions?

The controversy has reached been a talking points on sports networks such as ESPN, headlines with sports business journals, and was even on the front page of Yahoo, but passionate sneaker heads haven’t weighed in on the subject. While we feel that the situation presented a wonderful opportunity for Adidas to show that beyond the leather and rubber that makes up a shoe, sometimes there is greater meaning than what logo is on the tongue, there’s two or three sides to every story.

Abstract from nicekicks.com

My Thoughts:

UCF has actually agreed to solve all the sponsorship issues first before Marcus signed with them. Marcus has already sincerely stated that the Brand means a lot to his family. Imgaine if Michael Jordan was your father, would you wear anything else?

Simply put, family comes first. I got you back, Marcus.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Blessing

It's 12:46 a.m. HK time. Few hours ago, i went to play some 3 on 3 pick up hoops with my boys. Though, i am still feeling empty.

I am not talking about faith here nor life. What i am talking about now is my basketball career. My boy, Roy aka 'Helicopter', called me about 5 in the afternoon today asking me if i wanted to play ball tonight. I hesitated at first. I am not fully recovered yet, though as always, i wanted to test my shoulder desperately. 'Okay, see you tonight.' I replied with a smile on my face.

When i was playing, i tried not to hold back. I knew i was not as capable to pull as many moves as i did before my injuries but i just tried to play as naturally as i could.

'I am doing okay.' I told myself in my mind after the first game even though we lost.

I took a rest in the second and got back on the court for thr third. I was shit, i couldn't make the passes as accurate as i used to, couldn't shoot in rhythm, couldn't put moves on the opponents as smooth. We lost by a large margin. I even threw the ball against the ground so hard that it bounced so high and then came back down hard. I did not know what they thought about that. I assumed they thought i was angry, only to whom.

And i was so angry on myself.

I used to be a blessing to every team that i play on. A valuable asset if not a blessing. Tounament, competition, invitational, inter-school, proper game, and even pick-up, whichever team i played on, they all liked me. Even if i was not in my best shape, on my top form, mentally and physically prepared, i was always able to help my teams win with my experience, leadership and sacrifice.

Hong Kong, China, Australia, all my teammates liked my style of play. I am never a ball hog myself, yet i know when i should step my game up. Except for my short tenure with 'Giants' in 2007. I could not really make an impact because how could you possibly make a big impact when you were only given 15 - 18 minutes a game and regardless how well you performed? At certain age, i felt like i was useless. And that's how i am feeling right now. I couldn't contribute as much as i could.

Right Now

I have 5 games coming up in November and i know that i should get in shape and get prepared for them in this short period of time instead of sinking in a self-indictment. I gotta know that i am still not fully recovered and not prepared physically. I should let the game come to me instead of forcing it. That's just not me. And yeh, i should be thankful that i am actually rehabbing faster than other people for the same kind of injuries and that i can still play.

There are many more games to come. Gotta keep my head up. I am blessing of God and to my teammates.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Designs of Basketball Uniforms

The following pictures are the new designs of Fly basketball uniforms. Check them out!

This one is the most popular thus far!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Who Am I? Supported by Henry aka C Sir

我的一位年朋友 Lok ,他帶耳環,是澳洲大學生,籃球愛好者,自己對潮流衣著亦有研究,但最奇的是他竟然自己搞了個徵文比賽。文章的主題就是:"我是誰"。

他還設計了海報,你看這海報的設計就知他幾有心,要去街到拍照,又要設計,還有自己出錢出力。我睇到都覺得 impressive!




比賽獎品是 T-shirt 一件,雖然獎品不是很"貴重",但我卻覺得比起什麼都有意思,因為一件要付出努力,才能穿在自己身上的衣服,其實就已經是最特別的禮物。這就好比流過自己汗水才能獲得校隊球衣,甲組波衫,它比起那些能用錢買來的明星球衣就寶貴得多。



狗只是有東西吃便ok ,但人卻有品格道德,不是有飯便會張口吃的。

希望客位看官有興趣都參加這個"一個人"搞的活動,若可以也在大家的網誌推廣一下,支持這位年青人對社會的關懷。記得截止日期是十二月一日呀! 請投稿到 lok.chung@ymail.com

如果看官在 Facebook 或其它壇中有地位,不妨post 上去,支持下!

p.s. Lok 幾年前曾經幫我在東涌教一些南亞的年青人打波,如果大家可以知道這位人兄有幾"堅",可以到這了解他。

Abstract from Henry's blog. To know who he is, check out the link below:

Last but not least, thank you so much Henry, i really appreciate it.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

An Interview with Kobe's Girl (In Chinese)


當時籃球體育事工(BSM)舉辦了一個籃球賽, 我有份做球證及出隊. 隊員是我當時教的呂潤財紀念中學(我母校)女子籃球隊的數名小女孩. 我們最後得了第2名(獎狀至今還放在我的床頭). 當我在等她們更衣的時候, 在門外看到一名女球員, 身穿Kobe球衣, 剛才亦有份落場比賽. 我們說起話來, 得知她亦很喜歡Kobe, 我們交換了聯絡, 希望日後BSM有活動都可以讓她參加.

2009年, 我回歸, BSM有籃球教練班, 意想不到的我還留著她的電話, 於是我告訴她這個消息.

某日, 她打電話給我, 說Kobe過幾天會來香港, 問我要不要一起去看Kobe. 我很想去, 可惜當天我要工作, 不能去. 數天後, 我看報紙, 見到她跟Kobe合照 (極度妒忌!). 她就是我今次訪問的主角 - Vivian, The ultimate Kobe's Girl in HK.

V: Vivian L: Lok

L: 聽聞你好鍾意KOBE, 你點解咁鍾意佢呢? 或者係佢有D咩吸引你?
V: 講真, 當年係電視睇入樽賽(應該係1997), 見到佢有靚仔, 又型, 最後仲拎埋入樽王TIM! 個時開始就勁留意佢!
而經過咁多年, 睇到佢既成長, 佢既熱誠, 我從來未見過有其他球員好似佢一樣. 佢係有心目中有好崇高既地位!

L: 咁你鍾意左佢幾耐?
V: 自99年開始, 10年到啦.

L: 咁耐以黎一D都無變心?
V: 絕對無! (非常肯定同答得好快!) 我對佢好專一! 我有留意NBA, 但無一個球員及得上KOBE!

L: 當佢發生性醜聞既時候都無?
V: 真係無. 當我聽到既時候我有問,'點解會係佢?' 我有唔開心. 我個時諗拎唔到冠軍唔緊要, 可以再努力再拎, 但唔需要做D咁既事. 我個時想同KOBE講,'唔理發生咩事, 我都會繼續支持你!'

L: 嘩, 咁KOBE對你黎講係咩?
V: 佢對我黎講唔係偶像咁簡單, 佢係我學習既對象. 我唔在乎佢既成就, 我欣賞佢既精神, 努力同埋堅持.

L: 唔. 咁你都知佢係一個好勤力既球員, 佢呢種態度同韌力對你有咩影響?
V: 佢既態度的確係影響左我對生活既睇法, 包括對事業, 工作, 同埋同屋企人既態度. 佢令我對做每件事都更加堅持同盡力, 唔係三分鐘熱度. 當然, 佢令我更熱愛籃球.

L: 你會唔會覺得好多人都唔鍾意KOBE呢?
V: 會呀! 我屋企人囉! 我爸爸同我細佬! 不過唔緊要, 佢地會對KOBE改觀, 佢地可以感受到我對KOBE既熱情.
其實我都知點解, 佢好自大, 我都曾經為此而失望過. 之後我明白佢唔係故意想傷害人, 相反, 佢既表現令好多人由憎佢變成支持佢.

L: 我知道之前KOBE黎香港, 你都在場, 感覺如何?
V: 第三次啦! (搶答) 當我知道呢個消息之後, 我立刻用唔同既方法去撲飛!當時NIKE搞左個比賽, 係五日內SEND一張相去表示你有幾愛KOBE, 我二話不說, 個晚即刻搵出自己所有有關KOBE既野出黎影一張相, 列晒所有KOBE既紀念品出黎. 之後我好擔心無機會拎呢兩張飛. 所以我叫埋我細佬參加, 用佢名參加多一次. 唔單止咁, 我仲叫左我D好朋友幫手拎飛, 結果比我成功拎到4張! 加埋之前成功既, 總共有8張! 仲問你(即係我!)去唔去TIM!
之後準備就緒, 將我最能展示熱愛KOBE既一面展現比佢睇! KOBE衫, 褲, 鞋, 仲漏夜整張自製大海報去表達我對佢既心聲, 帶住興奮既心情去搵佢! (她甚至將KOBE的剪報全部過膠!)

L: 有無覺得多左人支持KOBE?
V: 絕對有! 估唔到咁多人去!

L: 我亦都知道你得到KOBE親筆簽名球鞋喎! 感覺如何?
V: 嘩, 夢境成真啦! 一世難忘! 今生無悔呀! 心跳從未如此快過!

L: 哈哈, 除左對鞋外, 你仲有無其他KOBE既野?
V: 當然有! KOBE藍色, 白色, 黃色, 紫色既波衫, 由ADIDAS到NIKE既波鞋, 雜誌, 台灣買既撲克牌, 杯, 係湖人主場買既冠軍像等等.

L: 嘩咁多, 平時有無著?
V: 梗係有! 開心既時候, 唔開心既時候就抱住, 連我既公仔都係著住KOBE既衫!

L: 有無比爸爸媽媽話浪費錢?
V: 話係瘋狂! 洗得太多! (笑)

L: 佢地會唔會話你男仔頭?
V: 不嬲都咁講, 即使係長頭髮. 不過呢個係我性格啦!

L: 講到呢到, 邊件KOBE既野係你最喜歡架?
V: 今次呢對KOBE鞋同波同海報! 因為佢地全部簽晒名, 唔係呢張海報都唔會有呢兩樣野! 如果唔係香港人咁含蓄, KOBE都唔會留意到我! (編者按: VIVIAN曾經到美國留學, 故性格有少許洋化)

L: 好, 等我而家問D比較私人既問題. 你介唔介意講下你既職業?
V: 我係長青中心入面既社工.

L: 咁係工作上有無用到KOBE既地方?
V: 有架! 我帶親長者旅行團就著KOBE衫, 原因係容易比老人家認到.

L: 如果有人講KOBE壞話, 你會有咩反應?
V: 為KOBE辯護. 比佢地知道KOBE既優點, 特別係佢既付出.

L: 唔. 除左KOBE外, 仲有無其他喜愛既球員?
V: YAO (姚明).

L: 最想KOBE去咩隊?
V: 繼續打湖人啦! L.A.係佢既代號!

L: 咁你自己本身識唔識打波?
V: 都識既, 打波於娛樂囉.

L: 係香港, 好似你咁鍾意打波既女仔已經好少, 好似你咁鍾意一個球星更少, 你對呢樣野有咩睇法?
V: 我覺得KOBE可以令香港既女仔更認識籃球. 比佢地知道籃球唔只係運動咁簡單, 可以睇到球員既努力付出同積極既態度比世界同香港人知道係可以用係其他方面.

L: 新球季黎啦, 你認為KOBE今季拎唔拎到MVP同總冠軍呢?
V: 難度高D. 因為湖人有新既班底. 不過如果KOBE既隊友能夠配合到佢, 佢有好大機會攞MVP同總冠軍!

L: OKAY. 咁你搵老公係咪一定要係KOBE FAN呢?
V: (笑!)唔一定, 但係我可以感染到佢係, 咁個滿足感會大D! (好野!)
以前男友係DUNCAN FAN, 所以我地成日敵對!

L: 哈哈. 最後, 有咩想同其他KOBE FANS同KOBE HATERS講?
V: 如果真係KOBE FANS的話, 就唔好將焦點放係佢既名同利上, 應該放係佢在場上既表現, 對球隊既付出同精神, 作為我地學習既榜樣!
另外對KOBE HATERS, 睇下KOBE既努力, 堅持, 佢不斷尋求進步既精神. 你睇下而家NBA有好多好好既球員, 但係你咪個個都會努力咁練波, 不停咁增加自己既'武器'? 而KOBE就正正係呢樣野最值得人學習!


在香港, 像她一樣對運動員瘋狂的女孩子? 少之又少. 要對所謂的'明星'卻很多. 從言語中發現到, VIVIAN對湖人隊既認識, 對生命樂觀既態度, 講起KOBE時堅定既眼神同興奮地講出見KOBE的準備確實令我覺得KOBE對她有重大的影響和改變了她對做事的態度.

記得曾經有人說,'對一件事情充滿熱誠, 係成功既起步' VIVIAN都一樣, 她希望學習KOBE的努力去做好自己的事, 我衷心希望她會成功. 而她遠景KOBE能夠令到更多香港女孩喜歡籃球? 我亦有此願! 不過個人認為: 在香港環境, 很難.

其實做這篇訪問已是數周前的事. 只不過之前比較忙, 加上自己懶 (要知道寫部落不是數分鐘草草了事!), 到現在才拿下決心進行整理. 不知道為什麼我突然間很享受整理這篇訪問的過程. 想來想去, 相信原因只有一個, It must be Kobe!

*本篇內容只反映受訪者個人意見, 絕無任何歧視成份.