Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Addition

To commemorate and celebrate Kobe's back-to-back Finals MVP and his 5th title, i have just 'rewarded' (i know, i know, it has got nothing to do with me, but regardless......) with this nice ESPN/Kobe t-shirt.Kobe roars!
ESPN logo on the sleeve.Symbols at the right corner on the back. Each of them symbolizes different benchmarks of Kobe's such as got traded on the draft day and 11-time All-Star selections.Jealous everybody?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fly's Prediction: NBA 2010 Top 5 Prospects

1) John Wall, PG/SG, (Kentucky)NBA Comparison (Optimistically) - Allen Iverson/Gilbert Arenas
To check out his workout session, click here.
My notes: The most highly-anticipated prospect this year who is expected to be a era-changing star. Wall has a great feel for the game with awesome athleticism and fantastic left hand. He is the no. 1 pick for sure.

2) Evan Turner, SG/SF, (Ohio State)NBA Comparison (Optimistically) - Brandon Roy/Tyreke Evans
To check out his workout session, click here.
My Notes: This fundamentally sound prospect can average at least 10 points off the bench in his rookie season and develop into a soild contributor in the League.

3) Wesley Johnson, SF/PF, (Syracuse)NBA Comparison (Optimistically) - Shawn Marion
To check out his workout session, click here.
My notes: He will be selcted top 5 but personally Wes Johnson will not become a star player as people expected.

4) Derrick Favors, PF, (Georgia Tech)NBA Comparison (Optimistically) - Amare Stoudamire
To check out his workout session, click here.
My notes: Favors is naturally charismatic and with his frame, he is very athletic and can instantly contribute with his consistent mid-range. Favors is a star in the making.

5) Xavier Henry, SG, (Kansas)NBA Comparison (Optimistically) - James Harden/Eric Gordon
To check out his workout session, click here.
My Notes: For some reason i really like X, though he is expected to be a good role player instead of a star. X has excellent range and can turn himself into a terrific perimeter defender.

Sleeper: Eric Bledsoe, PG, (Kentucky)He might have gotten lost in John Wall’s glare last season, but NBA teams have been impressed with Bledsoe’s workouts. He has the tools to become a solid defender and should continue to improve his outside shot. (Mike McGraw, The Sports Xchange)
NBA Comparison (Optimistically) - Bobby Jackson/Darren Collison
To check out his workout session, click here.
My Notes: Eric is an underdog and he can really play. I really like Eric's balance on both ends and his rookie season stats: 8-10 points, 3 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 steal.

Monday, June 21, 2010



劉德華投資, 林家棟監製的"全新"武打戲《打擂台》是一套致敬電影, 大玩七十年代港產片風格, 沿用三、四十年前的成名武打影星 - 陳觀泰, 梁小龍和陳惠敏等. 最驚喜的是泰迪羅賓! 原來他的演技是如此的精湛! 更有我至愛的歐陽靖(MC Jin)!

除了喜歡《打擂台》的拍攝手法外, 當中想帶出的意義更是現今所謂'80後', '90後'需要參詳的, 例如 - 尊師重道, 武德, 對人和目標永不放棄, 講求實力等!

拍攝手法 - 正!
動畫形式交代歷史 - 正!
戲中茶樓的設計 - 正!
很多笑位 - 正!
請出年紀大的武打影星 - 最正!

《打擂台》絕對值得一看! 極力推介!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fly Accessories - 'Faith' Necklace

Not sure if you were aware that Fly Clothing was facing a lawsuit due to copyright and Internet law issue. That surely was not something i was happy about and with all the blessings Fly is in great shape now without any loss.

To commemorate what happened to Fly, we have come up with this gracious necklace named 'Faith'.
Simply put, we just gotta have FAITH in whatever we do.
Matter of fact, i was upset about it, it discouraged me. Though it wasn't that bad. It was a great lesson for me, an immense opportunity for me to go through this learning process.

Thank you Lord, thanks y'all and i hope you all have faith in what you do. Peace.

Friday, June 11, 2010

SLAM - Special Collectors Issue

While everyone is focusing on the World Cup, The NBA Finals is still on and arguably one of the most exciting series to watch in recent memory. One of the reasons is certainly Kobe, who Pheonix Suns coach Alvin Gentry claims,'No one in the United States can do what Kobe does', is playing.

On the other hand, the overwhelmingly discussed free-agent - LeBron James, is surrounded by reporters and persuaded by GMs to decide staying in Cleveland or moving to big cities such as New York.

Whether Kobe will win his 5th title and where LeBron will play next season, i (and you guys) can get a copy of the SLAM - Special Collectors Issue to take a little flashback at their storied careers.

(Flip side covers)

World Cup 2010

Fly's predictions of this year's World Cup!
So who is going to be the world champion Amigos?
32 Teams. One Dream.Check out the picks of Fly Squad for this year's World Cup! What are your picks? Let us know!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Precious Gifts: Eason - Meet in Beijing + 風雨操場5.12 CD

A friend of mine runs a company (not to be named here) that organizes and produces events such as concerts and fundraisers for artists and corporates. The company just finished Eason Chan's concert in Beijing in great success. My friend explains to me how it got done and showed me the business proposals to the related companies. Man, i was absolutely amazed by their works and definitely broadened my horizon!

Eason - Meet in Beijing T-Shirt
The package is simple yet elegant! I am not a big fan of Eason's but you can't deny that he is an awesome singer! The Izzue sponsored t-shirt design seems to bring out one simple message - i was in Beijing for Eason.

風雨操場5.12 CD 這個CD是為了四川5.12大地震而舉辦的籌款活動. 目的是為了在四川重建中, 可以建築有蓋操場讓小朋友作息及禧戲. 封套上的背影正是李寧他本人! 而那些音符則是金培達的手稿!
封套的另一邊設計也是經過悉心打量的! Sean (設計師)很厲害啊!
負責唱出此歌曲的12位歌手都是現今或曾經對中國體壇舉足輕重的國手級運動員, 包括李寧, 郭晶晶, 李小雙等等.
就連CD的承載器設計都非常精美! 為的都是四川災民!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Color it Up T-Shirts & Pants

Black top with the colorful logo on the middle of the chest.

100% Cotton
Available in both men and female sizes.

The model is wearing the clean white 'Color it Up' t-shirt and the black, light cotton pants.

100% Cotton
Available in both men and female sizes.

'No. 1' pants!
Specially dedicated to the ladies for your love and support!

Back, stronger than ever!