Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Reebok Ex-O-Fit High Strap x atmos

I have a pair of Reebok Ex-O-Fit High Strap shiny black but DAMN! These joints are hot! What George Kiel III says here is just downright correct!
This joint effort owns a color scheme that is simple yet eye-catching at the same time. It owns a mainly black colored base dipped in leather and patent leather. However, its most distinctive attributes can be seen on the inner lining where multi-colored polka dots are visible. To coincide with the inner lining, there are more multi-colored accents seen on the heel, tongue and collar area.

By George Kiel III Jan 26, 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

High Heels of Jordan?!

Fly Clothing's very own Jenny 'Baby J' Tran (Consultant of Women Style, Australia Office) has posted me a very strange yet interesting picture that i laughed so hard when i saw it.

Because it is so special and 'stylish', i would like you all to take a look.

But afterall, if you look at it in a fashion standpoint, it is actually in a good shape of 'squeezing' the whole Air Jordan 2009 into a high-heel!

What do you think?

Monday, January 18, 2010

NikeiD - Zoom Kobe V HKCity

I simply wanted to design a colorway that could represent Hong Kong as i was born here.
As far as i know how much Kobe likes HK, he has not released a colorway that pays homage to us from HK.
This one is for all HK people.
I was planning to do a 'Go Green' colorway but there was no green for you to choose from so i had decided to design a dedication to our great city of HK!
White & red - just like the logo of our region!
'852' - the area code of HK, is 'stitched' on the tongue!

KSBC Official T-Shirts

It reads 'Kowloon Spartans Basketball Club, Est 2007' on the front.

Show some love?
KSBC's very own 3-point specialist - Brian Cheng aka 'B-Loyal' demonstrates its red t-shirt.

Great for both casual and during warm-up.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


返左黎香港已經差唔多有一年時間, 我發現左一樣好特別而完全唔係新鮮既'潮流', 唔知大家有無察覺到.

我一直以黎都認為, 覺得, 兼且全球統計 - Nike係全球最多人著既運動品牌. 我咁講應該無人反對掛? 但係如果我話Adidas有可能係香港最多人著既運動品牌, 你地又點睇?
點解我咁講? 大家有無發覺其實差唔多每一個黑社會人仕, 無論咩年紀都會有一件黑色Adidas褸既呢? 唔係, 唔係, 唔應該咁講. 應該話你冬天落街見到個人個樣比較惡, 你望一望佢身上著個件衫多數都會係Adidas褸! 又或者可以咁講, 你好多時候見到有個人著住黑色Adidas褸, 你望一望佢, 可能你會覺得佢係個飛仔.

加上Adidas既次貨大行其道, 近年流行既Adidas女裝同網球套裝, 你話Adidas係香港最受歡迎啦?


Thursday, January 14, 2010

1st Release in 2010 - 'Shine in 2010' Windbreaker (Style testing)

In 2010, Fly is going to bring you more stylez! 'Shine in 2010' windbreaker is our very 1st release this year! Take a look below!
KSBC's 'B-Loyal' is style-testing this windbreaker in a carpark.

Sexy back!
Size he is wearing: Medium
100% Polyester

Put on the shinny material to break wind in stylez!
Style testing in a sneaker store. Demonstrated by 'Kissy Kaman'.
Size she is wearing: Medium
100% Polyester
A look from the side.
'Kissy Kaman' and the kicks are all pointing at the same direction. You know where you are heading to in 2010!
'Kissy Kaman' cutely shows you this is a unisex product that both boys and girls would look good in it!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sneaker Talk (3) - Zoom Kobe V red/black/white

Look at them, they are so fly!
The design of outsole is extraordinary. The shank plate solidifies your feet and the grip definitely gives you better stops.
I can picture myself pimping them already!
Though i might not fit in the shape of this soccer kicks-like.
They will match so well with my ball club's uniforms!
Hit the store in US on 2nd Feb, 2010.
They are fly! I am getting a pair that's for sure!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 Review

Just like any other years i would do a review on the year just passed. This year is no exception. Apart from reviewing on my own list; the issues happened that had influenced me will also be addressed here.

- The first black president was born! Barack Obama is the man! I kept singing one song last year - 'My President' by Nas feat. Young Jeezy.

- MJ's death. He was the predecessor of all modern black performers, which had a profound impact on newadays Hip-Hop. RIP MJ.

- Swine flu = panic. Period.

- Back in HK and my 1st year working full-time. I think i did an adequate job?!

- Bought my first camera due to works.

- The 'idolization' of private tutors. It is not new in HK but i only have one question: WHERE THE FXXK IS THE LOVE FOR THE TEACHERS?

- The 'uprising' of teenage models become celebrity-like. I see one thing: Anybody can be models and models are just anybody.

- Rape, adultery, illegal sexual intercourse (any relationship), etc have ridiculously become more common in HK! Perhaps there is nothing wrong with those who are involved, it is just something wrong with the society. CLICK HERE to read a casestudy that was instituted in Taiwan. (In Chinese)

- Learnt how to 'let go' through throwing away clothes, kicks, books and magazines. (I had never dumped any of these items before! I always try to keep them all.)

- Broke up with my ex. That relationship has more or less changed my life.

- And of course, 2009, FLY WAS BORN!
In 2010, What are my goals?

- Get involved in at least 2 basketball projects (one is already in process)

- Coach 2 courses (one is under negotiation)

- Finish 300 movies (New York, I Love You!, Poker King, 江山美人, 297 to go!)

- Finish at least 15 books

- Lead my team to win whatever there are out there

- Take Fly to another level including crushing Australian jerseys market!

- Last but not least, earn more respect and gain more support from you all!

Fly Clothing and i are going to work even harder in 2010! Keep your eyes on us and once again, THANK YOU for your love in 2009!

Much love and peace.

My New Toy

I am in love with my new toy - Mazda RX-7 FC35! I have always loved the cars with their headlights that can open and close like human eyes! I'm lovin' it!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010 & Fly Clothing TV is launched!

Happy 2010 guys!

May your new year be fruitful and joyful; and be filled with successes and happiness!

In 2010, Fly Clothing promises to bring out more styles, designs and products with brilliant quality. Therefore, keep your eyes on Fly and always stay tuned for the latest releases!

Meanwhile, from now on, anyone can leave a comment on Fly's blog - (used to be Google users only) So yup, drop us a line whenever you walk past our blog!

New year, new beginning, Fly has also created an account on YouTube! Go to and subscribe! If you had any inquiries regarding Fly Clothing TV, please send them to the following email -

Once again, have a great year in 2010!



在2010年, Fly承諾會不斷製作優質的設計和產品! 所以, 請大家繼續留意Fly的動向及消息發佈!

同時, 由現在開始, 任何人都可以在Fly的Blog內留言! (之前只准予Google用戶留言) 所以請大家除了瀏覽 外, 記得要留言啊!

新的一年, 新的開始, Fly亦於YouTube開設了戶口! 請瀏覽 及訂閱吧! 如有任何關於 Fly Clothing TV的問題, 可電郵到

最後, 再一次恭祝大家新年快樂!