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An Interview with the founder and designer of Global Gambit

At Fly, we always emphasize that we are inspired by the Hip-Hop culture. We always actively look out to collaborate with different groups and people that share with us the same passion, vision and mission.

And 'Global Gambit', Melbourne, Australia's up-and-coming Hip-Hop/breakdance group has proudly become part of our Fly Family. Its dedication and devotion to Hip-Hop is undeniable. More importantly, 'GG's courage and vision to bring out b-boys and b-girls in Australia is what we truly admire.I had this precious opportunity to have a Facebook interview with the proud founder and graphic designer of Global Gambit's very own - Steph 'Princess Pop' Leung.

LC: Lok Chung SL: Steph Leung

LC: First off, let me thank you for taking some time off for this interview Steph. Tell us something about yourself?

SL: No problem. Ok, something about myself. I'm a multimedia designer, and a lot of my inspiration comes from my other interests.

LC: Tell us about it.

SL: Well, breaking is like moving art. I'm quite inpired by hip-hop and the 4 elements.

LC: Which 4 elements?

SL: Breaking, djing, mcing and graffiti. I actually was just floating through life without much interest in anything but art, until i started bgirling.

LC: Right. You are well-known as a multimedia designer, people did not know you as a breakdancer. When did you start breakdancing?

SL: I started at the end of 2001.

LC: What's your favorable move? Or do you have a specialty in breakdancing?

SL: I love watching all of it, but i enjoy footwork and style. I don't have any specialties. As long as you're dancing, it's all good!

LC: That's good that you enjoy every second of it. So what's your favorite dance crew?

SL: I don't actually have one! Everyone loves rocksteady crew though.

LC: Do you have your own dance crew?

SL: I'm not part of a crew at the moment, sadly.

LC: How come? Because you are injured or?

SL: Honestly, i haven't been performing or competing much in the last couple of years. It's easy to get caught up in other things, but i always try and get back to it. And yes, i did have some injuries.

LC: Yeh, i understand. Let's get back to your creative side. What's your 'best move' when it comes to designing?

SL: I love coming up with sharp designs. I love creating logos for companies, because that can often be the start of a visual identity.
'Dance United' Logo designed by Steph

LC: Visual identity. So how do you reach out to get customers?

SL: So far word of mouth is the best way for me to get more work. Hopefully, i won't be working freelance forever though, as it can be a difficult way to live - going from paycheck to paycheck. it would probably be a nice change to have some job security. But at the same time, i have to recognise that i'm not happy in a 9-5 situation.
One of Steph's sharp designs

LC: Me neither. So what do you do in your spare time? Or just go out and get inspired wherever you are?

SL: I'm actually a bit of a geek. I spend an embarrassing amount of time playing video games. I love watching movies and I read a lot as well. And the beach is my favourite place to be.

LC: Okay. What was your last movie did you see and what book are you currently reading?

SL: I'm currently working my way through all the classics, so I just finished the 'Odyssey'. The last movie I saw was the 'Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus'.

LC: Did you get any specific inspirations from them?

SL: Well, i found 'The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus' quite whimsical. I wonder what Salvador Dali would have thought of it! It was a liitle bit different. And the Odyssey was nothing like i thought it was going to be. It was like an eating tour of Greece.

LC: Haha. Tell us how 'Global Gambit' was founded.

SL: Well, my partner - SR actually came up with it. He had a fairly solid concept of what he wanted to do. I initially only got involved to help out with the visual and graphics side of the business, but i felt he was trying to do some interesting things, so I wanted more involvement.
Global Gambit sponsored workshop, along with Fly's proud partner Melbourne Music Academy.

LC: Can you tell us a little more about 'Global Gambit'?

SL: Sure. We're a brand new company, and we cater to all things hip hop. Recently, Tony Tran and Mike Song from Kaba Modern Crew came to Melbourne and Sydney and taught workshops. Global Gambit was a sponsor. We also want to help publicise Australian hip hop and bboys/bgirls more.

LC: That's huge. As 'GG' is a new company, where did you get the money from?

SL: For the time being, it's all funded by myself and SR, but we are looking into sponsorship. So any companies who are interested in giving their support should contact one of us!

LC: Speaking of all things hip hop, are you all things hip hop too?

SL: Well, 2 of the activities that take most of my passion and energy would be bgirling and art & design. And i do love graffiti.

LC: Do you have any name to go by?

SL: Well, my bgirl name is 'Pop' AKA 'Princess Pop'; and my online alias is 'dammit888'.

LC: Okay Princess Pop, name 3 of your top rappers of all time.

SL: Ooooh, this is a tough one, haha. Lupe Fiasco, Common and Notorious B.I.G. Phew ... that's a tough call.
'3D Piano' One of Steph's brilliant artworks.

LC: Sure it is. Favorable song or best beat?

SL: Best beat - Souls of Mischief '99 til infinity. I can't stay still when that song plays.

LC: Looking at all your interests, you are most likely in the shoe game as well right?

SL: Yes, shoes are indeed an obssession. (ad: couldn't agree more!)

LC: Shoe that got you hooked?

SL: A pair of limited edition matte gold hightop Airforce ones.

LC: Favorite pair you don’t own.

SL: Any men's Jordan's. I can't wear them because my feet aren't big enough! So i just covet them.

LC: Respect for showing love to Jordan's because i have got a lot of pairs. Fill in the blank question: 'If I wasn’t a, I would probably be a'?

SL: lol. If i wasn't a designer, I would be a bum.

LC: 'Family is, Hip-Hop is, and bgirl is'?

SL: Family is important, Hip-hop is essential and made me feel like i was part of something, and bgirling is love!

LC: 'I went to ____, tried to find ____ but couldn't find it. To my surprise that i found _____ and this is better than what i wanted to find'.

SL: I went to a party, tried to find a drink, but couldn't find it. To my suprise that i found a friend, and this is better than what i wanted to find. Haha that turned out profound!

LC: Anything else you want to tell our readers?

SL: Yeah, hope you enjoyed my interview! Shout out to SR! Please feel free to join our group for Global Gambit, and keep your ears to the ground! http://www.facebook.com/pages/GLOBAL-GAMBIT/136434357336

LC: Yeh, really did. Thanks for the interview Princess Pop!

SL: No worries, was a pleasure :D

I have never met Steph in person. I got to know her through my brother from another mother SR aka 'Big Fish', as the co-founder of the inspiring 'Global Gambit'. At first, i thought Steph was just a graphic designer that SR was hiring or getting some help from. But then i asked SR and when he told me that Steph is part of the gang, i was, honestly, a little surprised.

Whether 'GG' was a concept or a tangible, i knew what SR was doing. He knew what he was doing and he clearly had a vision - to take over the existing scene. But taking a girl, who i have never met, on board? With all due respect, i had some doubts in my mind.

Until SR talked to me about the concept of 'GG' and came up with a collaboration with Fly, Steph stepped right in with her fabulous designs that truly surprised me.
I do know some multimedia designers but a designer with mad love towards Hip-Hop and breakdance probably is a rare combination. So i had decided to do an interview with her.

Getting to know more about Steph before and during the interview, i could really feel her love and passion for what she does. When your job is what you love and enjoy, you can surely bring out some masterpieces. As much as i love Global Gambit and SR, i am 100% sure Steph will make 'GG' a masterpiece not only to my eyes but everyone who loves Hip-Hop.
Steph's business card. How sensational is it?

To know more about Steph 'Princess Pop' Leung, click on her name.
To know more about Global Gamit, click on its name.

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