Sunday, December 6, 2009

I'm Back

So long have my injuries been! Does anyone know how it feels to be sidelined during games and banned from basketball for 3 months?

Harder than keeping a top secret and itchier than getting bit by a mosquito.

Though, just like my girl Baby J encouraged me that 'the injuries can make me stronger and more patient'. She somewhat kept me away from frustration. So remember, there is always good and bad in everything.

After the 'long vacation', i could finally step back on the court and have earned our much deserved silver medals of Wong Tai Sin District Basketball Tournament. But more importantly, we had all enjoyed playing together after such a long time. This is exactly what i wanted for my club.
And then i had re-grouped with some of my former middle school teammates to participate in TWGHs Inter-Alumni Association Basketball Tournament. We have once a powerhouse in our division and district and have won Championships of Kowloon District, 2 times.

It was great to have played and caught up with my old boys, just like the old times.
Since i have 80% recovered from my injuries, i have been playing a lot of ball just to get back in shape and pick up my game. How am i doing now?
I didn't go to anywhere but what i can say now is - I'M BACK!

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