Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Letter to THT teammates

Dear all THT team members,

First off, let me apologize to you all for not actively responding to the emails in these few weeks.

It has been awhile since last time i saw all of you, whether at church or at games. I have been injured since August. Shoulder injury during a game after a bad cut on my right feet. That was no surprise to you all that the last 4 months had been some of the toughest times of my life since i could not even dribble the ball as it would ache my shoulder. However, it allowed me to think thoroughly about my next moves in terms of basketball.

As you all know that i have my own ball club and play for Basketball Sports Ministry. A couple of weeks ago we had a short gospel trip to visit a factory in Dongguan. Apparently i could not play. It was tough. Though i was able help out on sharing and reffing and other stuff. During the trip, i thought to myself that if i was going to play on the court without showing my passion to the game, that is pretty much impossible. In which, i cannot hold myself in and people would mistake me and a good image of Christian cannot be held.

That said, i began to consider quitting participation in church basketball league.

Thereafter, i was blessed enough to attend Sunday Services at different corps. That strongly contributed to my decision-making. Because, to be honest, no basketball corps nor teams of Salvation Army of Hong Kong can claim themselves as 'ministry'. Tai Hang Tung in particular. How could a corps possibly preach when the players don't even know each other? THT team has different roster every single week and this is somewhat against my will in playing for a church basketball team.

This is a tough decision to make as you all already know that how passinate i am to basketball. Though i believe with one man gone will open up space for another. I just think that we are heading into different directions and that is not what i wanted.

Sorry, if i have offended any of you. But i truly enjoyed playing with you all last season, it was real fun and enjoyable.

Enjoy the season with God's love and great job Kevin!

With brotherly love,


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