Sunday, November 22, 2009

Have a Little Faith

I have finally finished another book written by Mitch Albom, this time in 20 days. I only got to read 'Have a Little Faith' bit by bit during train rides, toilet times and sometimes before i went to bed. So to finish a book in 20 days is actually pretty fast for me. It surely shows you how much i found myself digging into this book.

What have i learnt?
The intelligent conversations between the author and the Reb really got me thinking, 'damn, Reb's answers are so wise.' Yet, he was still a true servant and modest Man of God. Meanwhile, Pastor Henry's past taught me faith can lead you to anywhere and beyond belief.

I also got to know a little more about Jewish's customs and culture, which i had always interested in.

After reading this book, i felt like it was a slap in my face. How much faith do i have in God? Do i behave as a Christian? Do i have the courage to forgive anyone who have ever done anything that hurt me? Do i have a big enough heart to accept everything? How much can i sacrifice myself to help others?


Looking at Red and Pastor Henry, i am nothing. I have no right to do so. This book, i believe, as a reminder of God, truly humbled me.

100% worthy!
Mitch Albom is so good at writing people and relationship. That's why all readers in the world can fittingly relate ourselves to the characters in his books. Relationship is part of our lives and it is simply what we have since the day we were born. However, unfortunately, we always take it for granted and do not cherish and prolong our relationships as good as we should have needed to.

'Have a Little Faith' - a true story is a must-read book for all particularly Christians, Jewish, people with broken hearts, people with lost relationships and people who have low confidence and self-esteem. I could not get my hands off this book and once i started reading, the story just got me hooked onto it! Go get a copy!

'Whatever you have done and become, nothing comes before God.'
'Forgiveness is a beauty'.

Below is a video of Mitch Albom the author being interviewed by Katie Couric of CBS News. Take a look and get to know how he sees the book himself.

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  1. Albom did a good job of inspiring religion without pushing the ideas of Judaism too far into the novel. In Have a Little Faith, Albom switches to different parts and times in his life. The book explores his childhood with the Reb as well as the weekly meetings where they discussed life and death. Mitch and the Reb speak of all the troubling questions in the world from the existence of God to the acceptance of other beliefs.


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