Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sneaker Talk (3) - Zoom Kobe V red/black/white

Look at them, they are so fly!
The design of outsole is extraordinary. The shank plate solidifies your feet and the grip definitely gives you better stops.
I can picture myself pimping them already!
Though i might not fit in the shape of this soccer kicks-like.
They will match so well with my ball club's uniforms!
Hit the store in US on 2nd Feb, 2010.
They are fly! I am getting a pair that's for sure!


  1. nice~但香港未有呢隻色!

  2. 係呀 .. 聽聞6/2會係美國上架 .. 唔知香港幾時有呢?

  3. Because they're soccer-like, worried about support around the ankle - they seem quite low in comparison to other basketball shoes - but then and again I'm not much of an expert!

    they're nice and definately would suit your uniform!

    Baby J


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