Thursday, January 14, 2010

1st Release in 2010 - 'Shine in 2010' Windbreaker (Style testing)

In 2010, Fly is going to bring you more stylez! 'Shine in 2010' windbreaker is our very 1st release this year! Take a look below!
KSBC's 'B-Loyal' is style-testing this windbreaker in a carpark.

Sexy back!
Size he is wearing: Medium
100% Polyester

Put on the shinny material to break wind in stylez!
Style testing in a sneaker store. Demonstrated by 'Kissy Kaman'.
Size she is wearing: Medium
100% Polyester
A look from the side.
'Kissy Kaman' and the kicks are all pointing at the same direction. You know where you are heading to in 2010!
'Kissy Kaman' cutely shows you this is a unisex product that both boys and girls would look good in it!

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