Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010 & Fly Clothing TV is launched!

Happy 2010 guys!

May your new year be fruitful and joyful; and be filled with successes and happiness!

In 2010, Fly Clothing promises to bring out more styles, designs and products with brilliant quality. Therefore, keep your eyes on Fly and always stay tuned for the latest releases!

Meanwhile, from now on, anyone can leave a comment on Fly's blog - (used to be Google users only) So yup, drop us a line whenever you walk past our blog!

New year, new beginning, Fly has also created an account on YouTube! Go to and subscribe! If you had any inquiries regarding Fly Clothing TV, please send them to the following email -

Once again, have a great year in 2010!



在2010年, Fly承諾會不斷製作優質的設計和產品! 所以, 請大家繼續留意Fly的動向及消息發佈!

同時, 由現在開始, 任何人都可以在Fly的Blog內留言! (之前只准予Google用戶留言) 所以請大家除了瀏覽 外, 記得要留言啊!

新的一年, 新的開始, Fly亦於YouTube開設了戶口! 請瀏覽 及訂閱吧! 如有任何關於 Fly Clothing TV的問題, 可電郵到

最後, 再一次恭祝大家新年快樂!

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