Saturday, October 17, 2009

The 'Uprising' of Adidas Basketball?

You gotta first check out the links below.
The following Adidas's new marketing campaign of basketball - 'We NOT Me' commercials featured its top NBA players.

It's on Me for We

Chauncey Billups

Josh Smith

Derrick Rose

Tim Duncan

Michael Beasley

Finished? How you feel?

I don't know how you feel but to me, they are tremendous! They are nicely done!

Adidas's marketing has always been behind Nike. But i am now dare to say that their marketing effort and creativity on commercials are really really really close to Nike now. Sorry that i still cannot say Adidas is surpassing Nike because matter of fact, the creativity level of Nike's commercials is even beyond sports that they can be compared to any other commercials for commodity.

From a advertsiing standpoint, the integration of computer technologies, idea and eye-entertainment has made the 'It's on Me for We' commercial very outstanding.

I am just so glad to see that Adidas is finally catching up and doing their thing! Keep going Adidas! Keep the ideas coming!

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