Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Name is on the Injury List

Injured my shoulder for the 1st time in my playing career.

What happened? Here goes the script:

In the 3rd quarter, probably about 3:30 minutes left to the end of the 3rd,
I was dribbling the ball up court with my left hand on a fast-break,
One strong player rushed in from my right hand side and tried to steal the ball from me,
We crashed, actually i got bumped,
He got fouled, i felt the minor pain on my right shoulder,
Kept playing but started hurting,
End of the game, i could not really stretch my right arm.

Next morning, woke up for work,
F*@k, hurt so bad that i could not turn to my right hand side to get off my bed,

2 days later, did not feel good, started to scare that it might cost my ball career,
Went to a 'Tieh Ta' master (Chinese bonesetter),
Got my right shoulder wrapped up as you can see from the photo above,

2 days later, still hurtin'

The guy who f*@king hurt my shoulder actually plays for HK team. Anyway, i have realized we are not so far from the top players in HK, which suggests how good the skill level of HK basketball is.


  1. I don't trust bone setter. Go to see doctor right away, it can be a torn ligament that require immediate surgery.

  2. hey, how are u doing now? feeling much better? plx go to c doctor if u still feels not right.


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