Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fly City Basketball Team

Fly City Basketball Team in Melbourne, Victoria of Australia.
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Fly City represent
Fly City is currently the Championship team of Spartans League A Reserve at MSAC.

Our team includes players from former Nepalese National Team, former RMIT 2nd Team and former RMIT TREV representatives.

Fly City's roster:

PG/SG #20 Tik 'Clutch' Lee
G/SF #34 Gerrard 'Silky Smooth' Samson
G/SF #11 Rupak 'Assassin' Gurung
PF/SF #15 Kenny 'Jumpin' Chee
C/PF #33 Marcus 'M-Town Finest' Morrison
C/PF #4 Thomas 'Human Eraser' Wischer
SG #10 Sonic 'MVP' Chen
SF #9 Norman 'Ironman' Sutanto
SF/PG #8 Daniel 'Handles' Ng
SG/SF #22 Will 'V-Power' Van Rompaey
PF #21 Yoshi 'Ghost' Williams

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