Wednesday, December 1, 2010

'ButterFly' 2nd Collection - Curvy, Stunner & Hunter

Alright, alright, complain no more ladies!
Fly Clothing is finally releasing its 2nd female collection (ButterFly)!'Curvy' t-shirt - $139

'Stunner' black tracksuit - $280/set

Fly's very own - Tiffany 'Sugacane' Cheng flashes a pose in 'Curvy' t-shirt and 'Stunner' tracksuit.'Stunner' grey tracksuit - $280/set

What's better to match 'Stunner' tracksuit with this multi-functional bag?
'Hunter' bag, Sea blue/brown - $250

On the side, hand-carry, whichever style you wantTo order:

Fly Clothing
A Combination of Attitude & Lifestyle

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