Friday, December 31, 2010

Big Shoutouts 2010

Happy New Year everyone!

Time flies so quick that lots of things happened but i only feel like these things happened few days ago! As for Fly, what a fruitful and dramatic year for us! Released our 1st women's dress, adopted the new micro breathable mesh, faced a potential lawsuit, rejected a $100,000 deal, etc. Without the love and support from you guys, Fly and i would not have had such a great year that was full of joy, experiences and pride.

Stepping into the 2nd year of Fly, i would like to make some special thanks to:

- Kayee
- GC
- Fly Squad
- Harden, IT Manager of Fly
- Zack @ HKIEC
- Ivanhoe @ HKIEC
- Stephen Lo @ THTC
- LYC Girls
- Rio Ku @ Elite
- Ka Ho @ BSM
- Ah Yiu @ BSM
- ChinaChem Group
- Tiffany 'Sugacane' Cheng
- Yuk 'Flash' Cheng
- Roy 'Helicopter' Lai
- Chris @ Referee Service
- Philip @ RMIT HK Alumni Association
- Sally @ SABHCC
- Keith @ SABHCC
- Marcus 'M-Town Finest' Morrison
- DJ Shook
- Missy Kavi
- Loyal supporters: Polly, Zoe, Judy, Denise, etc.

Thanks also go to all the doubters and haters. Your doubts and hatreds made me stronger and tougher, Fly is only going to be better and flier in 2011!

Much love and stay fly,


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