Friday, November 5, 2010

Start from zero - 'Brick The Wall' exhibition

Do you pay attention to the paintings, graffiti or arts on the street? Here and there, when i hang out, i would occasionally see the words and paintings of 'Start From Zero'. I have always wondered what it is and what they are. Not long ago, i happened to know that SFZ was having a solo exhibition! You know what happened next!

What is 'Start From Zero'?
"Start From Zero" was founded by a Hong Kong local street artist - Dom. START stands for STreet ART, STencil ART and STicker ART. The are two meanings of “Start From Zero”:

1. He started performing street art from nothing, i.e. “zero; I hope that when someone see my stickers, they will be like me, start doing street art from “zero”.
2. It can be a slogan for encouraging people when they are unhappy, down or miserable. He also wants people to remind their friends of this slogan when the same things happen.

About the solo exhibition:

"Brick the Wall” exhibition will feature more than a dozen pieces relate to stickers, stencil, poster collage, mixed with wood discarded on the street.

These whiskey containers are specially made for this exhibition!

A look from inside looking out, simple but energetic!

'Freedom in the Maze'

This is my favorite piece! Very local, very symbolic!

852 represent! 100% support local culture!

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