Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jersey Material Analysis

Hyperfuse, Hyperdunk, Kobe IV, what do they have in common?


Even what i called a 'legendary' series - Reebok's very own Pump Fury released a '2010 Superlite' version with different material and lots of holes in them in order to reduce weight of the shoes. Nike's new acquisition Converse, has also released Converse Star Player Evo 1 to keep up with the 'lightweight market'.
But we are not talking sneakers today, i would like to have a look at what the 'lightweight market' has done to the jersey market. Since 'go light' has become a trend now, big dogs like Nike and adidas have been working their own way to stay on top of the industry and have been coming up with some amazing products. One of the very new and i personally think it will change the industry is the 'Adidas 'Revolution 30' Uniforms'.These days, basketball uniforms are typically made of nylon / polyester mockmesh, glare and micro mesh. Shiny material is certainly out-of-date in this lightweight era. Revolution 30, designed and developed by adidas, is billed as the lightest and most advanced uniform ever created. They're 30 percent lighter and dry twice as quickly as previous uniforms, and are made from 60 percent recycled materials. They're made to be cooler, drier and more comfortable."I can't wait for everyone else to start wearing it," Dwight Howard said of the uniforms debuting this season. "I think they're going to like it. It might make a lot of people who might not have good stomachs and big muscles look in shape."

Not everyone owns the physique and confidence of Orlando's All-Star center, and adidas isn't promising instant makeovers. What the league's official outfitter is delivering is the latest generation in uniform technology. Yes, there's a science to stitches and seams. Sourced from to Howard, players will notice the difference. "You can," he said. "They're lighter. They stand out, for one. Two, it's just a good feel. It feels great. It breathes. You don't really sweat in it." To read the full announcement, please click here. Fly is aiming to bring out the lightest uniforms with best quality and lowest costs possible to the ballers. Stay tuned for 'Jersey Material Analysis 2'!

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