Thursday, August 26, 2010

Li-Ning VS Anta VS Peak

I am entirely, proudly and thankfully amazed by how successful the Chinese sports brands are doing in the world! Li-Ning, Peak and Anta have altogether emerged as the representatives of China as well as producers of products with excellent quality.

Last October, i wrote a little piece on a comparison between 4 major Chinese sports brands, (click here to check out that post) and i had written some 'future wishes', let's see if my wishes had come true.


World-famous endorsors: Shaq O'Neal, Baron Davis, Jose Calderon, Even Turner (newly inked, 4th pick of 2010 Draft)Future: Li-Ning will continue to grow as one of the top sports brands in the world. Better yet, still no match to Nike and Adidas. But eyes on Li-Ning? Every pair.

I was wrong. I was wrong for saying,'no match to Nike and Adidas'. Li-Ning is one of the top 3 shoes manufacturers now, only below the aforementioned big names. Li-Ning continues its global presence. It has adopted the right global marketing strategies, recently invited Baron Davis to coach a youth camp and improve on the design of its kicks.This signature shoes of Jose Calderon have received high praises over the net and the outlook is so much better than the previous models.


World-famous endorsors: Jason Kidd, Ron Artest, Kevin Love, Jason Richardson (now has 12 NBA players on its sponsorship roster!)

Future: My personal opinion is to focus on expanding its NBA signings. Peak currently has 7 NBA endorers, which make up to be 'the most NBA players' Chinese sponsor. I don't think Peak can expand other lines of products, focusing on Chinese market, NBA players endorsement and the U.S. would be a wise business decision.Did Peak read my previous blog post? No, surely they did not but i was right this time. They keep inking deals with NBA players and increase its exposure in U.S. Besides, Peak has wisely put a lot of effort in marketing and advertising with their endorsees and thus drawing consumers' attention.Both of these signature shoes of Ron Artest and Jason Richardson, respectively, have received high praises on the net. I think function-wise you can always keep up with other brands (except of course, the innovation of Flywire of Nike's) but what Chinese brands need to focus on is the design, in which Peak has done a great job!


World-famous endorsors: Luis Scola, Jelena Jankovic (World-famous tennis player), Kevin Garnett

Future: Future is looking good for Anta. What i would suggest is do not look for sponsorship of national teams like how Li-Ning and Peak do. Do what you do, establish the company image as a style, functions and design focused brand. Differentiate yourself Anta!Yes, Anta has landed in the U.S.! With the shockingly surprised signing of NBA superstar Kevin Garnett, Anta has gracefully erected its own flag on the world map!Look at Anta's official website now, it is very user-friendly and thoughtfully designed. My assumption is that Anta is targeting at the young generation and therefore using colorful pictures to grab their attention instead of making the youngsters read. Speaking of Anta's target market, you can also check out this fantastic 'Fashion Stars' showroom, pretty nice to expand within Chinese market. The only problem, still, the designs of its products.

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