Monday, February 22, 2010

Percy Jackson & Keroppi

Have you seen it yet? Man i love this movie!

I have always loved the great old Greek mythology since i was in primary school. I bought 2 books/comics of Greek myths when i was about 8 or 9. I once wondered (actually wished!) if i was a descendant of one of the Greek gods! I once dreamed to have the mighty powers of the gods and to experience the adventures that the half-bloods had to go through to become true heroes.

I believe it was true.

Then when i got older, Saint Seiya came out and i just fell in love with it! The background of Saint Seiya is about gods of Greek and horoscopes. Being a Sagittarius myself, i remember buying my first Seiya figure in the Golden Sagittarius armor.

I believe it was true.

Here came the secondary school years. History was a compulsory subject and of course, old myths of Greek were part of the contents.

I believe it was true.

The older you get, the more logical you are. I realized that the Greek gods are really just myths. Though i still love it. Now watching the movie and i am so delighted that the movie is bringing the myths back and i would like to be indulged in the old Greek world.

With a more logical brain that i have now, i was thanking that the relationship between gods and human in the movie is pretty much sexual intercourses. That said, Keroppi just came up to my mind that it gave me an idea of genetics. Keroppi is a descendant of god of Frogs and a normal fish in our world?
Nonetheless, some say it is better than Harry Porter, some say it is average, what is your say? Drop me a line here.

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