Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shen Zhen and Hong Kong Design Expo

What's up fam? Fly President had the chance to go to one of the, personally, rather overlooked exhibition of Hong Kong. The design expo of invited designers from HK and Shen Zhen. As i said before that attending artistry related gallery, exhibitions, etc would greatly enrich my vision of art and of course the style of Fly. I really think this expo is highly underrated by a lot of people. I have learnt quite a few new elements and inspirations!
These transparencies are beautifully done with the combinations of Chinese characters of HK and SZ on them. They also show the landmarks of both districts on the background.
'The Pawn' delivers a timeline of HK development on a recycle bag.
I love this poster! Using an easy tone to demonstrate the change between 30/6/1997 and 1/7/1997.
Separated by one river, yet the difference is huge.
Mad creativity!
It looks like ceramic from the first sight, it is actually plastic! Awesome piece of art!
I love bridges and totally agree with the message delivered: connecting two worlds.
The good shown above were memorabilia from the 30th Celebration of the Establishment of SZ Region. The quality of that t-shirt is fabulous though the design is just okay for me.
In love with art!

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