Tuesday, March 30, 2010

'We Play Endlessly' Solo Exhibition

Last Friday (26/3), The Captain and a few friends of his attended a painting exhibition by Kenneth Tsang, little brother of a friend of his.

The Captain not only went there for inspirations but also wanted to show some support and broaden his horizon. He observed the paintings with care and thought, 'Damn, some of them are so detailed!'

Anyway, below are some photos taken by Kevin who came along that night and for more information, go to Mobart Gallery through this link: www.mobartgallery.com
Paintings by Kenneth Tsang. Big props!
The most important element of Kenneth's paintings is that all his works are themed!
This photo is wonderfully taken. It looks like they are facing each other but they are actually hung on the walls where they are actually quite far apart.
Don't look at the men, focus on the paintings behind them. They are sensational!

Props to Kevin for sharing his photos! Thanks Kev!


  1. artworks are cool - makes me think of lego men in some way. Love the last photo caption - looking good babe!
    x Baby J

  2. My pleasure and thanks for your invitation!

  3. that's great man, thanks for the post about my bro's painting!! They actually looks so cool in a coffee shop that I am not sure if my bro really painted them.....thanks for the support mate!!


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