Friday, August 21, 2009

Love Game

I went to a friend's place last night and his sister was watching a Japanese drama series called 'Love Game'. I thought it was just a typical soap drama of love relationship, which i have lost interest in watching long long time ago. Last time i loyally followed a love drama was like back in Jurassic Time!

Anyhow, i asked my friend's sister what it was about, she asked me to keep watching because it was pretty interesting. So i did, with a little bit of negligence. I watched the start of it, and damn, it kept me going! I just didn't want to stop.

This 13-episode drama emphaises 'True love is the ultimate lesson of one's life', an unknown lady called 冰室冴(釋由美子)would target on a person and offer the selected one 1 billion Yen to enter the Love Game. The participant has to accomplish the assigned task given by 冰室冴(釋由美子)in limited time to get the reward.

But getting the billion dollar is nothing easy. Some of the requirements, for example, a teacher has to successfully seduce a student of his class to have sex with him within a week, a lady should tempt her brother-in-law divorce with her sister in 5 days, a high school girl needs to make a married man abandon his family in a week time. Though no one has ever succeeded. You cannot really predict what was going to happen.

I cannot find out why 冰室冴(釋由美子)wanted to do this, the only reason i could come up with was that she has been terribly wounded by her loved one in the past?

The idea of it is so fresh, so unique, so untypical yet closely related to our daily lives and up-to-date in terms of reflecting the latest culture and status of the society. You might even have had experiences encountering in such circumstances. Most importantly, i reckon, is the fact that the drama is mirroring, aiming at and mocking the current dilemma, situations and stories of people from different 'classes' of Japan.

When human beings are facing love and temptation, it turns ugly. We become selfish, more specifically we become real. The true side of your face leaks out of the fake, deceptive surface. This is truly horrifying.

Though the ultimate goal and perhaps purpose of this drama is there are always 2 sides of an event and to encourage people to face their own problems with a positive mind and get clear with what love truly means.

An episode of 'Love Game'. Great drama, beyond my imagination!

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