Monday, May 25, 2009

Lakers VS Nuggets - Game 4

I didn't get to watch the whole game but i was fortunate enough to watch the last quarter of Game 4.

2 minutes into the 4th, Billups showed me what confidence meant. Chuancy took up the responsibility and pressure, made plays and attempted shots. His focus and determination of 'must-win' perfectly transcended into his shots, made 2 big threes! No wonder people call him 'Mr. Big Shot'.

Melo's fire was off most of the game, yet the bench backed up with over 30 points, which outscored Lakers' bench by a large margin.

The big contrast between both teams' benches was not the only reason why Nuggets won. Rebounding was also the key. I think Lakers need to communicate more on defence and you could see (perhaps) their miscommunication on defence and hence let go of a few rebounds and left J.R. open for a few good looks.

But then, man, when you watch the 4th quarter, it's like watching Kobe showcasing his beautiful individual skills. The 'and-1's, the fallaways, the rainbow jumpers, the turnarounds and the crossovers, very much like MJ i got to admit.

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